Being Hopeful

5 June 2017

I emailled a couple of Mancunian authors today. Real, proper authors who have actually had books published about Manchester.

I just wrote for some tips and advice really.


I'm hoping they can see within my email the huge desire I have to get my (still long way off) book published, feel sorry for me and write it for me themselves allowing me to take all the credit!




My Manchester Book

4 June 2017

Spent the day working on my book!

Yes, you read that right. I'm not author but I'm writing a book. Its about Manchester and about me. And I hope I'll be lucky enough to get it printed.

Mind you having said that I can self publish if I have to. No-one is going to stop me. I'm on a mission!



Manchester 10k

28 May 2017

Sunday today and I was up early because I was excited about going into town to watch the Manchester 10k.

I knew a couple of people running so wanted to go along to see if I could spot them.

My Dad and I got the tram into town from Wythenshawe which made a change from always getting the 43 bus! I'd never been on the tram from Wythenshawe before so I was kinda sightseeing in my own City! The tram system is ace. We got into town and switched trams and went to Media City. We found a fab spot right outside the Coronation Street studios to watch the runners go by and we joined in giving high fives and encouriging the runners that looked half dead to keep on going!

The run really inspired me and I really wanted to do something myself. So as soon as I got back indoors I signed up to do a Race for Life for Cancer Research (July 23rd 2017) as I lost my mum to cancer in 1998. I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2006. I had treatment and was given the all clear after 5 years of check-ups.

This is my Race for Life page if you'd like to donate. Thanks.



Trip to Manchester

27 May 2017

I got up at 5am this morning as I'd booked myself on the extremely early 6.22am train to Manchester. Well it was cheaper than all the other times and it went direct to Piccadilly so I didn't have to change at Crewe or Milton Keynes or both as sometimes is the case.

And anyone who has ever changed at Crewe knows that if your train gets into Crewe just a few minutes late you can find yourself bombing it up the stairs and over the bridge to make your connecting train. With heavy luggage in hand it really isn't much fun. And without the fitness levels of major athletes you'll still be trying to get your breath back when you arrive at Piccadilly half an hour later!!!

So anyway the train ride was lovely and smooth. I had my ipod for company and I got into Piccadilly at 9am.

I was visiting my Dad so from the train station I headed for the 43 bus to Wythenshawe.

After dumping my case at my Dads we got the 43 back into town and made our way to St Ann's Square as I wanted to leave a tribute for the 22 who were sadly killed in the Manchester Arena Attack.

St Ann's Square was full of flowers, balloons and teddy bears. So sad. There was a long line of people queuing to lay their flowers and to sign the book of condolence. Mancunians were coming together, uniting at this horrendous time.

We went for a wander around town after leaving St Ann's Square and headed for the Retro Bar on the corner of Sackville Street as my mate James works there. Or should I say worked there! When we got there it was all boarded up! I text James to say I was at the Retro about to pop in and surprise him. It was me that got the surprise finding the place shut down! It's now To-Let!



New Manchester City Shirt

26 May 2017

My new Manchester City home shirt arrived this morning. I'd pre-ordered it from the Man City online shop just a couple of days earlier.

I like this one better than last seasons home shirt. I find Nike to be very lazy with the design of their football shirts. I'm just glad this new shirt is all blue unlike last seasons where the sleeves were a deeper colour to the rest of the shirt. And it was the same style as all the other team and country shirts made by Nike. Not good. Lazy lazy lazy!!

Yes, the new shirt is much better. And we're back to having white shorts, the blue shorts have gone so we no longer look like Coventry City! Yay!



Manchester Attack

23 May 2017

At 3am I woke up and as I always do when I wake in the middle of the night I checked Twitter.

I was a bit bleary eyed and could'nt really understand why on my News Feed people were saying things like 'my thoughts are with those in Manchester' and 'if you need a place to stay my home is open to you'.

I sat up properly and scrolled a bit more until I read the full horror of what had happened. A bomb had gone off at the Manchester Arena.

I was in shock. I just kept reading as the latest news came through.

I had to be up at 6-30am for work but I never got back to sleep.

When I got into work at 7-15am I took one look at my workmate Belinda and just burst out crying. I was in bits.

I was supposed to be working a double shift today but after watching the news and crying most of the morning I found cover for my late shift and I finished work at 3pm and came home drained with a migraine.

Having something like this happen in your City really brings it home. I've been to the Manchester Arena to see gigs loads of times. I knew all the areas they were showing on the TV. I'd walked those streets so many times. It just felt unreal. A very, very sad day indeed.



Manchester Derby

27 April 2017

I went to the Manchester Derby this evening at the Etihad. The game was supposed to be played in February but had to be re-arranged for this evening, 8pm kick-off.

I sat in a part of the ground I'd never sat in before and when I got to my seat I was thrilled. Not only was it a great view but the seats were thick and padded, under your bum and your back too. I've made a mental note that whenever I get tickets for a City game in future I'm going to make sure I sit in these 'Luxury' seats. No more cold plastic seats for me! Bliss!

I wore my thermals to the match and put hand warmers in all my pockets as the weather wasnt great and I always feel the cold. They did the trick. I was well snug.

On the tram on the way home I was stood next to a man who had been to the game wearing just a short sleeved cotton shirt (men!) and he was freezing and shivering. Being the kind soul that I am I offered him one of my hand-warmers which he gratefully took and tried to get some feeling back into his hands.

Anyway the match finished 1-1. A game we should've won. But didn't!!

I got back to Piccadilly quickly after the match and was soon inside my lovely, mega hot hotel room over-looking the husttle and bustle of Piccadilly Gardens. I feel asleep to the sound of the lovely Manchester trams going about their business!! Ahhh Manchester!!



Rachel Doyle