It seems everybody enjoys live music events these days. Everyone I know is either Tweeting from their seat at a gig or telling everyone who’ll listen on Facebook about how amazing Take That were last night or that they’re going to see so and so and were lucky enough to get front block tickets. And yes sometimes I feel a bit envious that one of my friends managed to not only get a ticket for a desirable gig but to be within touching distance of the artist too!

It’s a big business live music. You have the die-hard fans that try to go to every gig their idol is performing or the once every so often folk who just fancy a night out and will attend a gig because it’s local and there’s nowt on the telly. Whatever your reason for going to a gig there’s often a scramble for tickets and these days it all depends on how fast your finger is on the computer keyboard .Or in the case of purchasing tickets from Ticketmaster whether your eyes are good enough to read and understand the Captcha you also have to punch in to prove you’re human. I’m (only) 44 and the Captcha has been my downfall a few times in regards to a successful speedy purchase!

That aside there can be no bigger frustration than knowing that you have the fastest fingers on the planet as you get through to choose the quantity of tickets you need, have chosen Best Available from the drop down and mastered the Captcha first time in exactly 10 seconds flat after the tickets have gone ‘live’ only to be faced with a screen telling you ‘sorry all tickets have sold out’.

Sold out???? How? How can they be sold out? I mean I was quick, really quick. So quick that if ordering tickets online was an Olympic sport I would’ve surely won gold the speed my little digits were typing at. But no, after retrying for the next half hour you realise that you’ve been unsuccessful and best to admit defeat gracefully and come away from the computer. It’s all over. Adrenalin rush gone, disappointment sets in.

Now disappointment I can deal with. It’s the anger and frustration that follows I find hard to take when I see that a number of tickets for the gig I wanted to attend are now listed on various fan to fan ‘ticket exchange’ websites for vastly inflated prices. I’m not talking one or two tickets here. Over these numerous ‘ticket exchange’ websites out there I’m talking hundreds of tickets. Infact there’s so many tickets for sale that it makes me wonder if any of the fortunate souls who were lucky enough to get through with their very fast fingers and purchase a ticket at face value will be attending the gig or did they just hop, skip and jump over to Seatwave, Viagogo or Get Me In and list their £40 face value ticket for anything between £149 and £699. Yes £699. That was not a typo!!!!

Or could it be that the tickets were already sat waiting on these fan to fan ‘ticket exchange’ websites without ever being available on the regular ticket selling sites that we all rush to upon the announcement of a gig we long to attend? I have no idea but I do know that these rip off ticket sites need to be looked at and something needs to be done to help us poor music lovers being priced out of watching live music. The booking fee alone will take your breath away. Someone somewhere is profiting but the vast majority of us are losing out!